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What are you called to do today?

What are you called to do today?

While we were riding the bike to South Lake Tahoe a few years ago I was looking at all the beautiful scenery. The sky was such a clear beautiful blue with different cloud formations. The cumuli were small and sparse but a beautiful.

The mountain off in the distance to my right was desolate looking—that light tan color that indicates a lack of water for a long period of time. My mind knows the tan is dry grass but my eye cannot see that specific—just the color of dry. Lots of rocks were showing. There were sporadic patches of green where a sage bush had the wherewithal to grow despite the lack of accommodating circumstances.

Desolate was my thought as I took it all in and yet there was this strange beauty to the whole thing. The beauty of creation. The beauty of contrasts. The beauty of the clouds, sky, shadows and light. The beauty of being different than what I am used to seeing.

The next mountain had the same undertones. The dry look, it looked like there was some sage brush but also there were trees. Not a lot, maybe 25% of the mountain. Yet, it gave a look of life to the mountain. Beautiful contrasts in color, textures with the rocks, the dry grasses, the sage brush and the darker green of the trees. The beauty of that mountain touched my heart in a strange way--it represented the survival of life—what was different than the mountain next to it??? Nothing I could see but trees yet there had to be a difference in the circumstances on that mountain because it was so very different.

The next mountain was again, completely different—totally tree covered and green, green, green. It was what I was used to. There were still contrasts to be seen even at this distance; particularly against the sky--the different colors of green, the varying heights of the trees, the greys and browns of the rocks poking through. What an amazing view.

But why was it so different to the one next to it? Altitude?

As we continued on I turned to look back at all 3 mountains. They were there like triplets on the horizon. Beautiful and yet so different in appearance.

How many times do we look at someone and only see the desolation caused by a lack of water. Like that first mountain? How many of the unsaved look desolate? Do we take the time to look at the beauty that is there? Do we see their contrasts? Do we value what God created? Do we take the time to see the hurts that made those huge rocks of varying colors and textures? Do we look at the dry grass to see what sucked the life out of them? Do we take the time to smell the sage and see the hope of something better that still comes through no matter the situation?

So many new Christians also have a desolate beauty about them—the seed is planted the green beginning. Do we take the time to provide water, pray a cloud cover while they drink in their new life? Do we help them move in altitude and attitude to a greener environment? Do we provide them with what they need to become trees planted by living water? I wondered how many babies in Christ we see that are like the middle mountain. Some trees—the fruit of the spirit may seem sparse and yet there is a beauty in the contrasts—just like that second mountain. Do we make the time to help them grow? Do we make sure they are not lost in the “busy-ness” of life.

The third mountain was plush and green yet there were still boulders, contrasts. How many mature Christians do you know—ones who have walked a long time that still have hurts and erroneous teachings from the past? Any mountain can become desolate with one spark. Do you view older Christians as “there” or complete so there is no need to provide a drink on a hot day? It takes a lot of water to keep a green mountain green. People come to Oregon all the time and complain about the rain---but they forget to look at the GREEN. How many times have you looked at the Fruit of the Spirit in a mature Christians life and been disappointed? They just seem tired? Are you the one that begins praying for them? Ministering to them?

Those three mountains are emblazoned in my mind—so are the Christians they represent in my heart. Has my intercession lagged? Is there someone I can reach out to today that needs that cool water I may have to offer? Who are the ones I am called to pray for? Minister to? Speak life into? How many divine appointments do I have today? Will I miss them in my own selfish busy-ness or will I be attuned to the Spirit of God who speaks clearly? Will I follow the light He provides on my path or walk my own way?

What am I responsible for today?

What are you?

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