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The Yellow Brick Road

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

I saw a yellow brick road—it was dark all along the edges. The road was narrow but plenty wide to walk on—straight, even, not curved so you could not fall off the side. There were people walking along the edges—they were being pulled and torn at by unseen forces.

The Lord showed me myself linked arm in arm with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The light, bright street was due to the golden bricks.

God is not a wizard behind a curtain but the most high God of Israel who rent the veil when Jesus died. The demons on the edge were scattered when we prayed against curses, against principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness but they watched in darkness and ran banc when no one was paying attentionGod calls us to walk on his path, he told us to take our place. He is the most high God who offers us everything pertaining to life and Godliness. We just need to come on and stop hanging back—step up to our calling. Stop hanging back because of fear, pride false humility, none of that impresses God, He is waiting on us to do just what he called us to do….

In the road I walked with Jesus and the Holy Spirit surrounded by his peace, his knowledge, his power, his intimacy, his thoughts, his fellowship, his heart—such a difference. We walked by the light, guided by his voice. He is waiting. He is waiting. He is waiting. Don’t let fears, pride etc. hold you back.

Stay sober—don’t be lazy about the things of God. I John 4

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