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The Cocoon

A caterpillar is a cute fuzzy little creature. They are nimble and fairly quick.

Children are the same way—cute, nimble and quick. Everyone loves them. However, when a caterpillar begins to grow up its actions change; it goes into a cocoon. That is not as cute.

Sometimes when children begin to grow up they do not feel as “cute”. Their actions change. They feel different. They do not get the same reactions they did when they were younger. They see smaller children getting all the attention they used to enjoy and they get quieter, like they are in a cocoon. Nothing feels the same.

The same thing happens with Christians. As people begin to mature in the spirit and newer Christians come in nothing feels as exciting as before. People do not rush to comfort them when they sin but instead expect them to grow in the word. The ease of moving in the things of the Spirit all of a sudden seems like work; nothings feels the same. Religious expectations get thrown at them like mud and begins to encase them in a cocoon… When Jesus died on the cross and rose again He gave mankind the promise of eternal life; all people have to do is just ask him into their heart. The cool thing is Christ will come into each cocoon and begin to change their heart and when this happens it breaks them out of their cocoon.

Just like when the caterpillar comes out of its cocoon and becomes a butterfly, when the new believer comes out of their cocoon everything is different, what emerges is a beautiful, graceful, colorful, creature.

Be a butterfly, never let anyone put you into a cocoon with hateful words or mean actions. Be that beautiful butterfly and let Jesus show you all the delights of life.

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