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How Much Kool-Aid Have You Consumed?????

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Emotional attachments are not exclusive of spiritual insight. I think this is an issue for people because most people are run by their emotions and therefore they do not understand that you can love someone and still speak truth.

There are times that God reveals things to us and we ignore, justify or compromise what we hear. We want to be wrong. The enemy attacks—he wants us to be wrong also. He blames us. We are too cruel, too harsh, and too judgmental… we believe what the enemy tells us or what we rationalize in our own minds. We do all of that before we move to the spirit realm and ask God what those nudges are and what He is saying.

This causes frustration in us and intense spiritual warfare. Satan hates exposure and he goes to extreme measures to remain hidden. If the gift of discerning of spirits is operating, move into the spirit realm make sure you have a pure heart and hear His voice. He did not give you the gift of suspicion so do not run willy-nilly. But DO hear the truth of His voice and move on that.

I realized, after a few months, I had been hearing and feeling a lot of red flags BUT did not want to be negative so did not share with anyone and just watched. I ended up in a large spiritual battle. I was hurt and so were others.

Fighting hopelessness? Failure? Inadequacy? None of those are from God. The enemy is a liar. Demons hate exposure. Shine the light.

Don’t drink the Kool-aid. It isn't cute. It isn't refreshing. It isn' to your benefit even though the logo is cute...

We often use Isaiah 54 to mean in a church or a ministry—how about generational curses and cycles? How about your life? Let the plans of God open that door for you…

Break forth—break forth out

of your old places and into God’s new for you.

Enlarge your house—Let God add rooms to your house. Clean out whatever rooms necessary and allow him to expand your house. How many moves of the Spirit in your life have been quenched due to fear?

Spread out—expect the expansion of God—He never downsizes. Soar over the problems. It is time to stop blaming God for the negative and partner with God for all the good in your life.

Burst at the seams—Burst forth with joy. Are you stuck in the birth canal? Allow yourself to be birthed into you destiny. The enemy wants you bound—don’t let him be in charge.

Compromise is the Kool-aid of the church.

If you do not take and walk in the authority God

gave you, the enemy will steal your vision, your hope and your destiny. Jesus warned about the strong man in Luke but He also told us in Luke 11:21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his estate, his possessions are secure.” A strong man has a strong hold.

The enemy tries to steal a seated position of false authority in our lives—take your throne back. We are created as kings and priests. Can you think of ANY king in history who was willing for anyone who wanted his throne to just come in and sit in the throne? NEVER. Operate in your God given authority. This is an individual endeavor but sometimes it is the fruit of a corporate stance of intercession.

Some days we just need to intercede for ourselves. Is today your day?

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