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Exude the Power

In Acts Jesus went to the right hand of the Father. He had laid down his deityto come to earth. Was he like Superman putting his deity on and off? No, he was God as man—doing what he saw the father do. How about you?

Do you ever feel like you are walking in a fog? Not really in sync with the world but still in the world? Do you walk like you see what the Father is doing and live in imitation of Him?Are you, like Jesus, allowing God to be God in and through you or are you Godly part of the time and the rest of your time is spent being busy about your life?

When Christ rose He was in pure form. No one could touch him—he had not been to the father to settle what had happened yet. He was now moving about in spiritual form. The Holy Spirit had always been hovering on earth—coming down in Shekinah Glory mantle on prophets. Jesus ascended and is seated by the Father, sealed for all eternity, the finalization of freedom. He poured out the Holy Spirit as a love offering—spiritual oxygen for us. The entire trinity had always been here.

  • God was the focus of the OT

  • Jesus was focus of NT—Matt to Acts

  • Holy Spirit is the focus of NT—Acts to Revelation

Now we can have the Holy Spirit within us. The Shekinah Glory still comes down and then the Holy Spirit raises up within us and when the two kiss power unspeakable exudes—a double portion, the later days stronger than the former.

This truth should cut to the heart. Men should be changed. Do not water it down. Don’t change the message.

What does this have to do with intercession?

Exude the power.

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