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“Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.” – Charles H. Spurgeon

It’s a serious thing to talk about missions and it should be treated as such. As missionaries, we are bringing the gospel to dead men. We won’t stop until the flag of Jesus Christ is raised in every nation.

As missionaries, we are building up the bride of Christ in other countries so she can become stronger and better equip others.

Many people go on mission trips and do absolutely nothing. Most believers are wasting time in their own country so it’s not a surprise when they waste time in another country.

We have to live with an eternal perspective. We have to take the focus off of ourselves and put it on Christ. Intercession 101--#35 It is not about you! After that we will get to a point where we understand what missions is all about. It’s about Jesus and laying down our life for the advancement of His Kingdom.

When you’re a missionary, you put it all on the line whether that means being bruised, battered, and bloody. Missionary work gives us a greater appreciation for what we have here in America. We are so focused on God changing others that we forget that God also uses missions to change us.


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