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Do You Hear From God?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Do you hear from God?

Most Christians are hesitant to say yes. Why is that? Are they ashamed that they don’t? Are they ashamed that they do? Shame being the key item here….

Are they afraid they will make a mistake? Are they afraid God will not really speak to them? Fear being the key here…

Are they concerned people will judge them if they are bold? Are they concerned they will send some one in the wrong direction? Pride being the key here in both areas…..

Many people only claim to hear God when they have to do something “hard” and then they talk about it to 42 (this is a floating number) people to get sympathy with them at how “hard” it is to serve God. Others seem to serve a “bossy” God. He only talks to them to bark out some order. Others only hear a daddy’s voice talking to a small child with comfort guiding them in their everyday life.

Which is you?

If you are walking in shame it is time to close that door and wash that stuff off yourself with the water of the word.

If it is fear holding you back then it is time to close that door and get yourself full of the Holy Spirit—fear will not reside with Him! Not only that but the Holy Spirit sends 3 friends to make sure you are not bullied with fear any more. (Power, Love and a Sound Mind in case you were wondering)

If the Lord shares something with you for or about someone and you do not share it without consulting 12 (another arbitrary number) people to get confirmation and make sure you are right, then you need to repent from pride, turn back to God and allow Him to remove the need to make everything about you. We have a hurting world to minister to. If the Lord trusted you enough to talk to you then only pride and disobedience is between you and the other person’s answer. You can make it LOOK like humility but the root is still pride.

If you only hear God when it is something hard then it is time to close that door of old hurts. Time to repent for not allowing Him into your life. If you only hear him as a daddy with a small child then it is time to close that door of immaturity and get into the word making yourself grow up.

He wants to be so many things to the body of Christ. We have to close the door of miniature boxes where we have confined him and be the child, the friend, the lover, the soldier, the ambassador, the prayer warrior, the helping hand, the listening ear, the one who meets the needs.

If you had a best friend who lived around the world and no phone, no internet, nothing…how would you communicate? Don’t be that kind of friend to God. He has given you every means of communication—He is waiting for you!

What does this have to do with intercession?

Time for the intercessors to close the door to the past and rush through the doors of the marvelous future provided. We have to b healed, delivered, strengthened, empowered so we can intercede and throw out those life lines to bring the body of Christ into these end times…..

Time to pray.

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