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How Can You Help?

There is always a need for financial support, as our ministry has ongoing and new projects all the time. Financial support can go to a specific cause or to the whole ministry for the projects.

Church Locations

You can donate to one of our church or ministry locations. Donations go to the basic running of the church. Donations to Wellspring support different ministries and missionaries. 

  • Arizona
  • Guam
  • Kenyan Schools
  • Orphans
  • Widows
  • Business Startups

Schools have a constant need for support. Children grow and outgrow or wear out their clothing and shoes. There is a need for basic supplies like food and medication. Staff need to be paid, and school supplies provided. And children NEVER stop eating!

Missionaries: None of our missionaries are paid and rely solely on the generosity of others. Donations help support in cost of food, travel, communication, housing, supplies, and so forth. In some cases it would provide support for resources. 

Basics and Administrative costs: Our goal is to help purchase food and basic supplies including some malaria medicine monthly for the orphans and the widows taking care of them. 


Business Start-ups: We believe it is important to help Africans support their families and teach other Africans to do the same. By teaching them to write a business plan, implement that plan, mentor them to success and help them do the same for another. This breaks the cycle of poverty that has so many enslaved and sets them free to worship the Most High God while shining his glory throughout the continent.

  • Pastor's Sally and Mike McCarley--Cottonwood, Arizona
  • Pastors Dane & Aubria- Military Outreach- Travis AFB, CA
  • Pastor Donna Minnick- Oklahoma City and Africa
  • Pastor Kahiwa Aki-- Japan and Cottonwood, AZ
  • Pastor Olivia Borja--Guam
  • Pastor Art Waldron--Guam
  • Pastor Geri Leon Guerrero--International missionary
  • Pastor Debby Kolibaba--Intercessor
  • Pastors David and Danielle Schmidt--Portland, OR
  • Pastors Dan and Mary Amakobe--Kenya and Florida
  • Pastor Cassie Surplus-Lindstrom--Cottonwood, AZ
  • Pastors Felma and Edurdo Musni--Philippines
  • Pastor Tusiime Francis--Tanzania
How to Donate

It is really very simple: 


  1. Click donate.

  2. Choose 1 time or monthly donation button.

  3. Add donation to cover fees or not.

  4. Hit the next button.

  5. Enter what you want your money to be used for under the note section. For example: Wellspring Ministries, Guam, business startups, widows, orphans, or a specific missionary.

  6. Please enter your contact information so that we can send you a tax deductible receipt at the end of the year.

  7. You can donate through Paypal, debit or Credit card.

  8. Fill out the rest.

  9. We are not selling a product or service so please use Friends and Family to save us a large percentage on the service fees and allows the money to be used completely for the intended use.

  10. Hit enter.

We send the money monthly unless it is for something specific that needs immediate distribution.

Thank you for your generous hearts.

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