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Intercessor: Debby Kolibaba

I am involved as intercessor for three ministries;

The first, is my home Ministry, Wellsprings Church Ministries.  I met my mentor, Sally Walker McCarley, when we were grad-students together in an Added Elementary Cohort formed by PSU.  The Cohort was for teachers to renew their licenses.  Sally Walker McCarley later became the founder of Wellsprings Church Ministries.  Sally McCarley stayed in contact with me and prayed for me for 15 years.

When the time came for me to retire from teaching I was asked to join Wellsprings Church Ministries.  I was ordained as a pastor through that same ministry. Wellsprings Ministries is a global Ministry and we are asked to minister where we live and to serve the body of Christ wherever we are.  I volunteered as a Sunday School teacher in my home church at that time—Central Bible.            


The Second, I joined Hearts of Fire International Ministries as intercessor in 2016.   During attendance at a Prayer Summit hosted by Dr. Aaron Winter in 2016, It was announced that a prayer group was being formed to pray for revival in the city of Portland.

My home church closed right before the lockdown in 2020 but my intercession never stopped. The prayer meetings became ZOOM Prayer Meetings during 2020. Prayer is still ongoing, as the intercessors pray for Dr. Winter, his family and his team as they travel around the world for evangelical missions.  We moved from Portland to Gresham in 2023 but I am close enough to Portland to remain active praying for Hearts of Fire International Ministries                                                           


The Third, is as an intercessor in my home church, Rise City Church of Gresham located in Oregon. I volunteer several times monthly, to  pray for any of the congregation who ask for prayer after the church services.

I can be reached at

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